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We have over 200 Episodes and counting so if you're new here, you may not know where to begin. That's why we created this episode tour to help guide you on a journey of our podcast.

You just discovered our podcast and you're like, "sweet!" But then you see we have 200 episodes...

And you're like, "where do I start?"

Well, The NeuroNerds are here to help!

Our podcast is all about helping brain injury survivors get through recovery through our love of nerdom, sense of humor and focus on creating community. Our host, Joe is a stroke survivor and our co-host Lauren is a TBI survivor. Together they share their personal experiences through recovery always relating it back to their love of nerd and pop culture. Plus Joe has tons of brain injury survivor buddies he interviews on the show as well as medical experts and innovators in the brain injury field.

But for a newbie to the show, we have a LOT of episodes to catch up on, so to help you get started, subscribe below to be taken through a tour of some of the best episodes to help you get up to speed with our show.

Hosted by Joe Borges: stroke survivor, speaker, coach.

Hey, I'm Joe! Everything I do is to support brain injury survivors through recovery this podcast and YouSoRock.coach. I can't wait to share stories, tips, support, and help you find your way on your own brain injury recovery journey!

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